Audi R8 V10 Spyder shoot for Autoglym

Well sometimes that great brief just lands on your desk doesn’t it…? When the client asks if you can shoot a beautiful £140k convertible sports car with Monte Carlo harbor in the background…? Great you think, nice trip down to Monaco, sort the location, get the car in and away we go…? Well, err not quite… the car was only available for 2 days and we had to shoot it in Leeds, in January, the week that had seen more snow than you could shake a stick at.

Solution…? Simple really… hire the best studio space and lighting talent in the north of England for shooting cars, bring in the best image re-toucher and get them all together. The results speak for themselves. Below is just a selection of many of the images we shot of the process of turning around 100 original photographs of panels from the front, sides and back of the Audi R8. After lighting each section individually the intricate and colour sensitive job of piecing the whole composite together delivered the finished result, and a delighted client too.